Scientific Typefaces

These are some of ideas I've been coming up with for further development of the scientific principles brief. I want to develop each theory Newton's theory of gravity, Darwin's theory of evolution, Copernicus' theory of the planets, Archimedes' displacement of water, electricity and the Pythagorean theory of right angled triangles into a typeface.
For the theory of gravity, I've taken Futura LT Medium Regular (just because I like it) and moved anchor points on the type down - as if there was a stronger gravitational pull on each letter.
For Archimedes' displacement of water theory I've looked at common diagrams that explain the theory and created a grid from which the type is created. I think the idea still needs more development, as the type doesn't really represent the theory, it is simply created by representations of it.
I could think about ways of creating the typefaces by using the actual theories and processes behind them. For example, I could use something electrical to create an electricity typeface.